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Statute of Limitations: You Can Relax This Labor Day Knowing Your Crime Has Expired

By Law Office of James Alston on August 29, 2014

The Constitution includes provisions that guarantee a speedy, fair trial to anyone that has been formally charged with a criminal offense. This right was intended to prevent the abuse of legal and judicial power by the court system. The statute of limitations has a similar function, although it is applied in a different way. This statute limits... Read the full post»

Take Action Now If the Cops Are Investigating You for Check Fraud?

By Law Office of James Alston on August 25, 2014

Using a check to obtain money in an illegal way may be prosecuted as check fraud. This can include activities like writing checks with insufficient funds or forging a check. The penalties for check fraud can range from fines and mandatory restitution to extended jail sentences. The penalties for check offenses increase sharply based on the amount... Read the full post»

Should I Turn Myself in for Cyber Crimes?

By Law Office of James Alston on August 20, 2014

Most computer crimes that get extensive media coverage are stories of expert criminals who steal important information. In reality, there is a long list of computer related activities that can be prosecuted as cyber crimes. Identity theft, online impersonation and unauthorized access of computer systems may all be subject to prosecution. The penalties for these crimes can... Read the full post»

Money Laundering: Common Defense Strategies to Ensure Freedom

By Law Office of James Alston on August 15, 2014

Money laundering is a criminal offense involving the illegal use of money that was the product of crime. These charges are often filed in cases involving organized crime. The term "laundering" refers to the way in which "dirty" money is cycled through legitimate businesses in order to remove the links to crime. For example, an organized crime... Read the full post»

Mortgage Fraud: Plan on Going to Jail If You Don’t Hire an Attorney

By Law Office of James Alston on August 11, 2014

When the housing market crisis reached its peak several years ago, law enforcement noticed a sharp increase in the frequency of mortgage fraud cases. It is possible that people were taking advantage of market confusion to execute fraud schemes or that corruption was allowing fraud to increase. Whatever the reason, patterns and similarities began to emerge... Read the full post»

Sex Crimes: Some Decisions Will Haunt You Forever

By Law Office of James Alston on August 8, 2014

No other category of criminal offense intimidates the public more than sex crimes do. When people think of sex crimes, they tend to think of lewd acts committed against children; however, they can include a number of other offenses as well. A few of the acts that could be considered sex crimes include: [caption id="attachment_3954" align="alignright" width="225"]... Read the full post»

Should I Turn Myself in for Tax Fraud?

By Law Office of James Alston on August 6, 2014

Fraud is defined as a deceptive practice or action that is intended to create some benefit for the person perpetrating the fraud. In a legal context, fraud is the use of lies, deceit or misinformation to obtain something of value, usually money. Tax fraud is the criminal act of supplying false tax information, neglecting to pay taxes... Read the full post»

Help! I’ve Been Accused of Tampering with Evidence!

By Law Office of James Alston on July 30, 2014

The judicial system is very detailed, and it is structured so that the truth can be discovered. If you change or tamper with evidence in order to alter the outcome of a court case, you can be charged with a crime. The degree of punishment will depend on your actions and how your alterations could have... Read the full post»

Busted for Illegal Gambling Rings: Your Employer Won’t Be Happy

By Law Office of James Alston on July 23, 2014

If you are being charged with operating an illegal gambling ring, then you may be facing some life-altering changes that will affect your family and your future. In addition to possibly serving jail time, you may be concerned about whether your job will be waiting for you when you have been released. This will be determined... Read the full post»

Is Pension Fraud Considered a White Collar Crime?

By Law Office of James Alston on July 18, 2014

The weak economy has put a strain on everyone, and some people have tried to turn this to their advantage by participating in pension fraud. Pension fraud is when brokers or financial advisors do not allocate invested money as they have promised. In many cases, the victims are retirees who are concerned that their retirement plans... Read the full post»


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