10 Inmate Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were behind Bars

Attention guys and gals on the prowl! It turns out that love might actually be lurking in all the wrong places, and by wrong places we mean prisons across the United States. What heart’s fantasy is hiding for you behind bars? Is it the tattooed tough guy or the baby-faced wrong doer?

Don’t discriminate against the incriminated! You never know what dangerously sexy fantasy is waiting for you behind bars. Let’s take a look at this weeks top ten inmates that’ll make you wish you were in prison with them:

For the Ladies

1. Attention-seeking women, you’re in luck. You could very well be part of the next big Internet scandal with this 30-year-old married convict, Jeremy Meeks. Famous for simply being too damn sexy, this convicted felon is not afraid to bare arms in the name of love. With dreamy blue eyes and lips for days, Jeremy is sure to become the best night of your youth. If you can get yourself to the nightclub, he’ll make sure to get you home safe and sound before the crack of dawn.

2. Though he might not know much in the way of formalities, this fun-loving inmate will charm you with laughter and all-around good feels. Easy-going and friendly, this man is looking for a relationship about as serious as the nonmoving traffic violation that landed him in jail. He might not be the guy you want to call in a crisis, but he’s available for a good dose of cheering up whenever you’re down in the dumps.

3. He might not have much game when it comes to wooing, but this inmate’s high clean haircut and high cheekbones speak only of good intentions. What he lacks in financial stability he makes up for with delicious cooking and an ability to sit through any romantic comedy.

4. Ladies seeking a tatted up bad boy, look no further than this guy. Don’t let his leather jacket and “too cool” attitude fool you – he’s a total sweetheart on the inside. Somewhat of a homebody, this guy loves snuggling up on the couch and getting you interested in his latest video game. His hobbies include hanging out with good friends and late night trips to Denny’s.

5. Settle into a serious relationship with this self-proclaimed nice guy. He’s not afraid to hold your hand in public and works hard at his day job so that he can wine and dine you in the evenings. Watching Sunday football with the guys? Definitely not more fun than taking you out shopping.

For the Gents

6. If good looks could kill, Jen Jenson would be in prison for life. She might seem sweet and polite when she waits on your restaurant’s lunch table, but her inner wild side comes out the second she’s off the clock. Buy Jen a drink at the club and you won’t soon forget the thrills that follow.

4. Get a few drinks in Meagan McCullough and you’ll never hear the end of her feisty sense of humor. Sensitive guys beware – this chick is one tough cookie. Her love for whiskey and ability to kick your butt in a pool game make her a great date to bring around the guys.

8. Inmate Toni Hopkins might have a sweet exterior, but she’s not afraid to break the rules for fun. An expert in all things sexy, this girl’s dance moves might make you want to skip the club and stay at home for a private show. That being said, Toni considers herself a lady and appreciates being treated to nice meals and movies.

9. Cheerful, hardworking, and a little shy, Rachael Lemler seems to have been convicted for accidentally blinding other civilians with her winning smile. If you’re looking for a girl to take home to your parents, this is your match. She’s the poster child of every mother’s ideal daughter-in-law. But you have to be willing to be patient and a good listener, because this girl can talk for days.

10. Convicted shoplifter Lorena Tavera is guilty of being an overachiever. Her title as Miss El Paso 2009 and semi-finalist in the Miss Texas USA competition only goes to show that this young woman wants to have it all, and she’s not afraid to get herself there. If you’re up to the challenge, you might just win the heart of this stubborn but downright gorgeous model.

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