10 Ways Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim

Many people naively believe that insurance companies exist to help people like you after an auto accident. Instead, insurance companies are most interested in profitability. To be profitable, they must pay out as little as possible after an auto accident.

So insurance adjusters try to reach you before you hire a personal injury lawyer. They do this to gain your settlement signature, before the lawyer can tell you how much more you are truly owed.

To achieve profitability and make you do what they want you to do, insurance companies hire engaging, friendly people. These adjusters use their natural talent to maintain the best interest of their insurance company, not yours. This is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer, to protect your rights.

Ten Ways Insurance Adjusters Work to Deny Your Case

Below are ten tactics insurance adjusters use to reduce, diminish or deny or claim amount:

  1. Making promises and claiming to be on your side.
    The adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. So they are not able to make promises for the company that the company will not approve. An adjuster’s promises rarely hold any truth and they just seek to get you on their side, so they can meet their company’s needs.
  2. Telling you a lawyer is not necessary and trying to settle before you get one.
    The adjuster does not want you to have a lawyer. If you do gain an attorney’s help, that makes settling so much more difficult on the insurance company’s quick terms, because those quick terms usually grossly undervalue your injuries and other damages. Never take an adjuster’s advice and always get a personal injury lawyer’s help.
  3. Asking for a recorded statement.
    Getting a recorded statement from you provides evidence against you. It is that simple, that the insurance company is trying to stack the deck against you, by recording your words to use them in court if necessary.
  4. Asking you to sign over permission to obtain your medical records.
    Do not sign the adjuster’s authorization for your medical records. This gives the insurance company immediate access to a great deal of your very personal medical background and lifestyle, to use these against you. They seek to discredit you and use your own medical history to do so.
  5. Trying to obtain quick settlement and signing of a full release.
    Adjusters know accidents and injuries cause immediate economic stress. So they try to catch you quickly, when you hurt most in both your body and your wallet. They know that when you have financial stress, you are more likely to sign over your rights to a future claim and accept a small settlement.
  6. Delaying your claim payment.
    Delaying payment of your claim makes you suffer lost wages and medical costs without money to support them. They know this makes people crack under pressure, so adjusters often use time to their own benefit, if you do not have a personal injury lawyer. When you start to buckle under stress, they work to obtain your low settlement signature.
  7. Conducting surveillance.
    Do not be surprised if the insurance company hires a detective to watch your house, workplace or other locations to catch you “faking” injury. They want evidence that you are healthy and not actually injured in the ways you claim. By getting this, they are able to devalue your claim, if they must pay it at all.
  8. Misrepresenting coverage available for your claim’s payment.
    Adjusters often try to deny you have coverage needed for your injuries. A good example includes uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage that is offered to all Arizona residents when signing up for insurance policies. But if they cannot prove that you rejected this offer through your own signature on the policy application, they must provide this coverage for you.
  9. Denying liability for your claim.
    Insurance companies often try to pass blame for injuries or other damages, onto another party. They often blame the victim for the victim’s own injuries. They try to make it appear the accident was your fault or that of someone else covered under the policy.
  10. Disputing your damages and injuries or trying to blame a pre-existing condition.
    Adjusters often try to make claims that only licensed medical doctors can make. They work to disprove your claim however possible, even blaming past injuries. This is one reason why you should not sign over your medical records, as mentioned previously. Insurance adjusters are not medically trained. They cannot make such claims.

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