Bar Exam Mpt Preparation For Law Students

MPT (Multistate Performance Test) Information booklet of National Conference of Bar Examiners, “The purpose of MPT is to test the ability of the applicant using the basic lawyering skills in the realistic situation. Applicant’s ability to complete the task as a beginner lawyer is evaluated in each test to know that they are able to accomplish their tasks. Thus the bar examiners would have believed the newbies that the MPT simulates the normal day in the life of the freshly hired law associate. The MPT is the major part of the bar exam. It’s not the student who should be blamed for failing the test and to appreciate what MPT is all about. They rely on what they are told.

Unfortunately, so many bar applicants believe that the MPT evaluates the ability to practicing law. The fact is that MPT test only one thing and that is the ability to take the MPT. It is an artificial exercise because in real life a lawyer has more than 90 minutes to familiarize itself with the case and to research the related laws and facts. Also, have more time to draft and revise the document as necessary.

Here are few suggestions that can help to get more points in MPT and crush the bar exam.

MPT Bar Exam Preparation

Many bar exam studier skips the MPT preparation and give more time to study the black-letter law that is needed for the essay and multiple choice questions. But to skip MPT preparation is a big mistake. The content of the MPT is not that much difficult but what matters is the timeframe. Completing MPT part in 90 minutes is not enough time. MPTs should be practiced before the bar exam day so to know how to manage the rhythm of assignment and timing.


As a guide, spend about 45 minutes reading the File and Library and make an outline of the answer. At the end of the 45 minutes, that what and why in the question will be clear and become understandable to write a response to each section. Usually, there are two calls of a question, and are not always equally difficult. Half of the remaining time can be spent on each section (around 22 minutes). If one is more difficult than accordingly allocate the time. Particularly, if one issue is more complicated then, don’t stay on the first one. If time is too short then don’t write everything that comes to mind, prioritize and beware of the important and less important points. Or leave the points which are less important, if running out of time.


There is a reason that each law source is in the library. Make sure to mention all of them in the analysis. MPTs mostly start with the ordinance, statute or any other rule-based law. Make sure to refer each section of the statute and name of each case in the answer.


Never include the Statement of the Facts if not asked to and if it is mentioned then write for the defendants’ side. If asked to write some kind of work product then instructions will be given on how to format it. There is no need to give book-style full citations instead include statutory case names and section number.

The end work must look finished, even if could not write everything. If have the time to write just one thing then write a last sentence that has a legal conclusion, then write Because and then add some facts. Visit to get more help on MPT preparation and pass the bar exam with flying colors.

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