How Do Lawyers Select Juries?

If you’re involved in a legal case, your most important decision will probably take place before you ever go to trial. It just makes good sense to choose a lawyer with extensive experience representing clients in cases that are similar to yours. Moreover, if your case is likely to go… Read More

4 Qualities to Expect from a Good Attorney

When you retain a lawyer to represent your legal interests, the relationship entails certain obligations on the part of both parties. A prospective legal client is responsible for conducting adequate research to locate a qualified attorney and asking pertinent questions prior to signing a contract. Legal clients naturally expect results… Read More

Pleading “The Fifth”: What It Means and How to Do It

It’s really amazing just how much a person can pick up from watching courtroom dramas. There’s no doubt that it’s only a small percentage of what really happens in court that is portrayed on these shows, but it’s often enough to at least give a person a basic understanding of… Read More

I Was Caught Soliciting a Minor Online. Can I Avoid Doing Jail Time?

Take care not to get yourself in trouble while surfing the Internet. Solicitation of a minor is a serious criminal offense in the state of Texas. Not only is the Internet being monitored by law enforcement officials, you can easily get caught up in a sophisticated sting operation. Undercover officers… Read More

Internet Sex Crimes: If Convicted, Embarrassment Is the Least of Your Concerns

People say and do things on the Internet that they would never do in everyday life. Nevertheless, the online experience isn’t as safe and anonymous as you might think. Internet sex crime prosecutions are on the rise, and according to the Texas Penal Code, the available penalties for a sex… Read More

Important Courtroom Behaviors to Keep You out of Jail

When you consider the venues where conservative dress and behavior are highly regarded, the courtrooms of America should be very near the top of your list. After all, where would you rather make a favorable impression? Just like an important job interview or meeting your prospective in-laws for the first… Read More

What You Absolutely Must Do to Get out of Jail

If you’re in or on your way to jail, getting out will undoubtedly be your first priority. Generally speaking, this is accomplished by posting bail. Posting bail is accomplished by a cash payment or by pledging personal property that will be forfeited if you fail to appear in court at… Read More

Happy Memorial Day

The Law Office of James Alston Is Wishing You a Wonderful Memorial Day!

The Ultimate Dilemma: Should You Turn Yourself in for Health Care Fraud?

When you think of the most frequently committed crimes, health care fraud may not immediately come to mind. Yet the nation spends almost three trillion dollars on health care every year. As it turns out, health care related crimes account for more than 80 billion dollars of that enormous expenditure.… Read More

So, What Exactly Are Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes consist of offenses that are committed against existing federal laws in the United States. For example,robbing a bank whose assets are insured by the FDIC would be a federal crime, since the FDIC is a federal agency. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, more than 5,500 bank… Read More

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