Busted for Illegal Gambling Rings: Your Employer Won’t Be Happy

If you are being charged with operating an illegal gambling ring, then you may be facing some life-altering changes that will affect your family and your future. In addition to possibly serving jail time, you may be concerned about whether your job will be waiting for you when you have been released. This will be determined by your employer based on several factors.

Will I Be Fired?

Despite your conviction, you may get to keep your job once you are out of prison, but it is up to your employer to decide. In many cases, a company’s handbook will include a section that gives the business the right to terminate your employment if you are convicted of a crime. If this is not stated in your handbook or as part of your contract, then your employer will look at a variety of factors.

What Factors Will My Employer Consider?

If the company you work for does not require you to be fired after your conviction, then your employer will take into account several considerations. He will look at how long you have worked for him and your job performance. He will also consider whether your illegal activities have affected any aspect of the business’s operations, and your openness and honesty throughout your arrest and conviction will play a large role in whether he trusts you enough to allow you to return. No matter what your boss decides, he must treat you fairly so that he is not accused of discrimination.

What Are My Employer’s Options If He Chooses Not to Fire Me?

If your employer decides that you will still have a job when you are released from prison, he can approach it in a few ways. He may address your incarceration as an absence if you will not be missing a great deal of work. Your boss may say that you will not be allowed to take vacation time for a certain period of time, or he may say that you can apply for a leave without pay. This implies that you will have a job when you are released, although you will not earn an income from that job while you are in prison. Your employer can also label your incarceration as personal leave, which will give you a certain amount of unpaid time away from work.

If you are convicted of operating an illegal gambling ring, then you will need to talk to your employer about whether you will be able to keep your job after you have served your prison term. If the company has a clause about terminating employment after a conviction, then there is not much that your boss can do for you. However, if the company does not have this policy, then your employer may decide that you are valuable enough to keep after you have served your time.

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