Busted for Mail Fraud: Will I Lose My Job?

busted-for-mail-fraud-will-i-lose-my-job-300x199A criminal conviction may prove to be one of those infamous double whammies. Sure, a criminal record can make it difficult to advance a professional career, but it can also cause you to lose your current job. Certain crimes, such as drinking and driving or mail fraud, can cause a public or professional employee to lose their job, license or certification.

Mail Fraud Arrests and Convictions

Sometimes it’s necessary for a criminal defendant to clear their name in order to keep their job. There are even times when just being arrested can place someone’s ability to make a living in jeopardy. Compiling a criminal record can also cause the loss of business licenses, professional certifications and pistol permits. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, a criminal charge can put your immigration status at risk.

The terms of employment for a public or private sector employee may require that any arrest be immediately reported to the employer. A public employee can be suspended after being arrested even though they are presumed to be innocent until they are pronounced guilty by a court of law. Criminal defendants with a pistol permit can be required to surrender their permit and firearm until their innocence is proclaimed.

It’s hard to accept, but a misdemeanor or felony charge can cost you your job or business license. A criminal conviction can literally put an end to a promising career. Even if you’re found innocent, an arrest record can permanently mar your reputation and future employment opportunities. A legal immigrant can even be deported for a misdemeanor conviction that doesn’t involve spending time in jail.

State and Professional Licenses

Everyone knows how much hard work and sacrifice are required to become a public school teacher. DUI arrests and convictions may represent a violation of the professional code of ethics that public school teachers are required to uphold. Even if the code of ethics doesn’t prescribe termination for a first time DUI or DWI arrest or conviction, local school board officials may impose severe disciplinary action anyway.

Some school districts simply will not allow for a second chance when it comes to serious criminal charges like drinking and driving. The social stigma associated with drunk driving is quite strong within the public education community. Legal assistance may be required to determine whether there are grounds for mounting a legal or administrative challenge. The fight is often worthwhile since a dismissal related to a criminal arrest or conviction can make it nearly impossible to revive a professional career.

Wherever you go, the widespread use of background checks will ensure that your legal troubles surface again and again. Regardless of your profession, your future career opportunities may depend on how you handle your current legal difficulties. Even if you accept responsibility for what occurred, that arrest or conviction may follow you around for the rest of your life.

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