Category : Drug Crimes

5 Common Defenses to Avoid Drug Trafficking Convictions

One of the inherent risks of using illegal drugs is that it’s relatively common to be charged with drug trafficking along with possessing or manufacturing a banned substance. Drug trafficking charges can be filed if it can be shown that a suspect participated in a drug network. The available state and… Read More

Learn the History of Cocaine for Earth Day

Grown primarily in the mountains of South America, the coca plant has played an influential part in the development of recent history. The crystalline tropane alkaloid substance known as cocaine was first isolated by a German chemist in 1859. The unique chemical properties of cocaine make it ideal for use… Read More

Drugs Crimes: How to Know If It’s Federal

Any drug offense can be prosecuted as a state or federal crime. There are even instances when both state and federal prosecutors file separate charges against the same defendant. It’s true that most drug arrests are made by the local police, but any drug case can end up in the… Read More

Caught With Weed or Crack? You Could Be In a Lot Of Trouble

How inappropriate are the penalties currently in place for federal drug trafficking offenders? According to legal analysts and even federal judges, federal drug trafficking penalties are more than just inappropriate; they think that they amount to severe and harsh punishment. One of the problems that federal judges face is that… Read More

Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse That Everyone Should Know

Prescription drugs are tools of modern science that can be either helpful or harmful. When taken in accordance with a pharmacist or doctor’s instructions, prescription drugs can help a person to live without the oppression of chronic pain and discomfort. However, prescription drugs can be dangerous and deadly when taken… Read More

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