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Arrested for DWI: Here Are the Penalties

With alcohol-related highway crashes racking up faster than one per hour according to statistics from the Department of Transportation, it’s not surprising that our justice system is very harsh on anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI). In Texas the laws are particularly strict, and even first-time offenders have a… Read More

Texas DWIs: Important Legal Terms for This Memorial Day

Do you know your DWI alphabet soup? If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge for driving while intoxicated, the terms and definitions in this article might just come in handy. Drunk and Impaired Driving Offenses DUI – Driving under the influence DWI – Driving while impaired… Read More

Top DUI Cities For Arrests

One of the most dangerous things that you can do is to drive while drunk. In 2010, more than 10,000 people (including more than 200 children) died in the United States due to alcohol-related crashes (Impaired Driving Facts). These deaths are entirely preventable, but people can unfortunately be very irresponsible. For… Read More

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