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Statute of Limitations: You Can Relax This Labor Day Knowing Your Crime Has Expired

The Constitution includes provisions that guarantee a speedy, fair trial to anyone that has been formally charged with a criminal offense. This right was intended to prevent the abuse of legal and judicial power by the court system. The statute of limitations has a similar function, although it is applied… Read More

So, What Exactly Are Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes consist of offenses that are committed against existing federal laws in the United States. For example,robbing a bank whose assets are insured by the FDIC would be a federal crime, since the FDIC is a federal agency. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, more than 5,500 bank… Read More

Federal Release Conditions: I Made Bail…But Wait

In late January 2014, Anthony Ciccone was charged with participating in a major Ponzi scheme allegedly perpetrated by a notorious New York businessman. He was ordered to wait in a federal detention center until his case is resolved. Ciccone, who is charged with attempting to launder money through a taxation scheme,… Read More

What to Expect at Your Federal Detention Hearing

In January 2014, a Texas man appeared before a federal magistrate in Brownsville in relation to his alleged possession of an automatic weapon. At this detention hearing, the man waived his right to have a court-appointed attorney represent him and was ordered to remain in custody. This man’s criminal charges… Read More

Federal Employment Tax Rules: Fudge the Numbers and Pay $25,000

Employers are required by the federal government to manage the taxes they pay on their employees’ wages. These taxes include federal income tax, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax and the Federal Unemployment Tax Act taxes. FICA taxes include Social Security taxes as well as Medicare taxes. It’s no secret… Read More

Federal Courts: What Are Your Rights?

A federal court case can be a very frightening and confusing experience. If you’re facing federal charges, it can seem like the odds are against you and the courts have all the power. However, you have certain rights guaranteed by the government when you’re involved in a federal case. These… Read More

How Are Federal Jurors Selected?

Trials by jury make up the core of the American justice system. Serving on a jury in the United States is considered a citizen’s duty and the government provides specific guidelines for selecting jurors for a particular case. What is a Jury? To understand the jury selection process, it is… Read More

Lying on Tax Returns: What Are the Consequences?

Taxes are a reality for everyone that earns an income by working. The federal government relies on the revenue generated by taxes and the Internal Revenue Service takes steps to make sure that everyone pays what they owe. If someone attempts to avoid paying taxes by lying on their annual… Read More

Federal Appeals: It’s Not Over Until it’s Over

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime and you’re waiting for trial, it’s the perfect time to think about what will come after a verdict has been rendered in your case. Win or lose, there could be an appeal. Believe it or not, preparing for trial and appeal are… Read More

Obama to the Rescue: Freedom Using Presidential Pardons

There’s always hope, even after being convicted of a serious federal crime. There are so many ways to build a new life after serving time in prison. A presidential pardon can restore certain civil rights that were lost due to a federal conviction. Also known as clemency, a presidential pardon… Read More

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