Category : Federal Crimes

In Some Cases, Using Someone Else’s SSN is NOT a Crime

Let’s say a man shopping for a new car in Colorado writes down a false Social Security number (SSN) on his loan application and drives out of the lot with a shiny Ford Focus. Did he just commit identity theft? What about a convicted felon who is having a hard… Read More

Federal Money Laundering: Worth The Risk?

Although it has been five years since the high-flying financial fraudster Bernard Madoff reported to prison to begin serving his century-and-a-half sentence, his case continues to cause headaches and make headlines in the financial news media. The latest Madoff-related repercussion reported by the Wall Street Journal involves money laundering, or… Read More

Illegal Aliens: Report Or Go To Prison

Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial issues of our time. Although significant changes to immigration law are being debated throughout the nation, strict penalties still apply for crimes related to immigration. The fact is that many people who illegally immigrate into the United States are transported by smugglers.… Read More

Insider Trading: The Secret that Could Make a Lot of Noise

The American public was largely introduced to insider trading by the 1987 film Wall Street, directed by Olivier Stone. That movie was inspired by the large-scale insider trading scandals of the mid-1980s, a time when names such as Michael Miken and Ivan Boesky dominated headlines. Those names would later be… Read More

Common Fraud Crimes Investigated by FBI

As a high level government agency in charge of law enforcement and crime intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) handles more than 200 different types of crimes that often cross state lines. Fraud and other types of economic crime have become a major focus of the FBI in the… Read More

When an American Commits Extortion

Most of us know about the crime of extortion from old films depicting the activities of the Italian-American Mafia, such asThe Godfather trilogy. In those movies, the crime was carried out by a crime family through what is known as the “protection racket.” This involves forcing individuals or merchants to… Read More

4 FDIC Fraud Schemes You Need To Know About

Although there seems to be no shortage of scams and fraudulent schemes perpetrated by today’s criminals, there are a handful of deceptive acts that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is concerned about the most. In addition to making sure that the funds of American account holders are safe and… Read More

Do Not Order Medication Online Before Reading This

Have you looked in your Spam or Junk Mail folder recently? It is likely chock-full of solicitations by Internet drugstores that offer the ease of ordering medication without a prescription. The premise is very tempting. After all, the prices offered by these online pharmacies are far more reasonable than the… Read More

5 Facts About Federal Gun Laws

The spat of tragic mass shootings in the United States over the past few years has brought a new focus on federal-level crimes involving the use of firearms. Members of Congress are being pressured by their constituents to make federal gun laws more stringent than they are now. What criminal… Read More

Court-Ordered Restitution

Did you know that the federal government of the United States has about $46 billion in outstanding debts owed to it by convicted criminals? This is an estimate of uncollected restitution, the court-ordered payments imposed by federal judges as part of the sentencing process. Gains-based recovery in the federal court… Read More

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