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Tax Fraud vs. Tax Evasion: What’s the Difference?

The crackdown by federal prosecutors on Swiss banks and money managers for alleged crimes related to tax fraud and evasion does not seem as if it will slow down in 2014. The indictment of a Swiss private fund manager was announced by prosecutors in February, and prosecutors intended to charge… Read More

4 Types of Investment Fraud

Thousands of Americans are affected by financial crimes each year. Investment fraud is one of the most common financial crimes and can take many forms. Because the nature of investing is very complex, it is possible for someone to be accused of investment fraud even if they did nothing wrong.… Read More

What Happens During a Medicaid Fraud Investigation?

If you’re a Medicaid recipient or provider, you never want to become the subject of a Medicaid fraud investigation. If you’ve already received a letter from a Medicaid investigator, you need to understand your rights and protect your future. Abusing Medicaid rules and regulations can result in significant civil or… Read More

Credit Card Fraud Penalties: Charge it & Get Criminal Charges

It’s pretty easy to downplay the seriousness of white-collar crimes like credit card fraud, but the state of Texas hands out heavy penalties for credit card fraud convictions. Credit card fraud and associated digital crimes are on the rise. Not only is a criminal record something to avoid at all… Read More

Ghost Employee Fraud: Hire a “Ghost” and You May Vanish to Jail

According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, the Department of Solid Waste Management had a ghost problem, but it was not of the supernatural kind. Waste Management officials did not have to call in paranormal investigators; instead, they conducted an internal investigation and called the police when two… Read More

How Do Pyramid Schemes Work?

Pyramid schemes are often the subject of jokes and ridicule. What many people may not realize is the amount of deception and meticulous planning that goes on when pyramid schemes are being designed. These schemes are serious financial crimes that can deprive large groups of investors of millions of dollars.… Read More

I Do…No You Don’t: Marriage Fraud Laws

Marriage fraud seems to be a favorite topic for the Hollywood film entertainment industry. Films involving sham marriages tend to feature happy endings; such is the case of Green Card, starring Andie McDowell and Gerard Depardieu. There’s also The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and What Happens in… Read More

Biggest Ponzi Schemes of All Time

As of late 2013, the epic scam pulled off by Bernard Madoff was still unraveling even as the disgraced Wall Street financier, fund manager and master con man was growing older at the Butner federal prison in North Carolina. At a federal courtroom in Manhattan, two of Madoff’s alleged conspirators… Read More

Medical Kickbacks: The True Cost Of Deception

The American healthcare industry takes in and pays out billions of dollars every year. Insurance payments, patient costs and doctor referrals all play a part in this massive system. The Anti-Kickback Statute is designed to prevent misuse of this system by establishing penalties for healthcare providers who try to make… Read More

File-Quit: Computer Crimes You Might Be Committing

The popular image of a computer criminal is usually something like this: a lone hacker using illegal techniques to break into private accounts for money or information. While some criminals like this really do exist, they are not the only perpetrators of computer crimes. The scope of computer laws can… Read More

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