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Left Turn Collisions: Recurrent Deadly Accidents For Bikers

A Florida Institute of Technology student lost their life because of a motorcycle accident. A driver of a passenger car was traveling northbound and attempted to make a left turn while the student was traveling south on his motorcycle. The driver of the car then crashed into him while the… Read More

Prison: How to Survive Your Sentence

Horror stories surrounding prison abound, so it’s not unusual for people to be concerned whenever they receive a jail sentence. The truth is that, while violence inside prisons does happen, it’s much less common than people believe. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for survival, as life behind bars is… Read More

I’m Guilty: Should I Tell My Attorney?

The attorney-client privilege is something that is deeply rooted in our justice system. Despite the fact that attorneys are bound by confidentiality, many clients hesitate to tell their lawyers every detail about their case. Others may fabricate the truth because they fear their attorney will judge them or provide lackluster… Read More

Help! I’ve Been Accused of Tampering with Evidence!

The judicial system is very detailed, and it is structured so that the truth can be discovered. If you change or tamper with evidence in order to alter the outcome of a court case, you can be charged with a crime. The degree of punishment will depend on your actions… Read More

Perjury: What Happens If I Lie in Court?

Perjury is a serious offense, and it can have consequences that last long after you have left the witness stand. When you lie in court, you are preventing the truth about a case from being discovered, and this can cause the person in question to be wrongfully convicted or found… Read More

Is Jail as Bad as They Say?

If you’re facing a jail or prison sentence, you should do everything possible to protect your legal rights and retain your freedom. While surviving an American jail may be better than living in some poverty stricken third world country, it’s just not the kind of place you want to spend… Read More

Happy Father’s Day

The Law Office of James Alston is Wishing You a Wonderful Father’s Day!

How Do Lawyers Select Juries?

If you’re involved in a legal case, your most important decision will probably take place before you ever go to trial. It just makes good sense to choose a lawyer with extensive experience representing clients in cases that are similar to yours. Moreover, if your case is likely to go… Read More

4 Qualities to Expect from a Good Attorney

When you retain a lawyer to represent your legal interests, the relationship entails certain obligations on the part of both parties. A prospective legal client is responsible for conducting adequate research to locate a qualified attorney and asking pertinent questions prior to signing a contract. Legal clients naturally expect results… Read More

Pleading “The Fifth”: What It Means and How to Do It

It’s really amazing just how much a person can pick up from watching courtroom dramas. There’s no doubt that it’s only a small percentage of what really happens in court that is portrayed on these shows, but it’s often enough to at least give a person a basic understanding of… Read More

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