Category : Internet Crimes

Should I Turn Myself in for Cyber Crimes?

Most computer crimes that get extensive media coverage are stories of expert criminals who steal important information. In reality, there is a long list of computer related activities that can be prosecuted as cyber crimes. Identity theft, online impersonation and unauthorized access of computer systems may all be subject to… Read More

I Impersonated Someone Online: Can the Police Arrest Me?

Laws regarding criminal activities that are carried out on the Internet have had to expand rapidly to keep pace with the growing presence of the web in daily life. Some of these laws deal with a crime known as online impersonation. These days, many people are putting out their own… Read More

Internet Sex Crimes: If Convicted, Embarrassment Is the Least of Your Concerns

People say and do things on the Internet that they would never do in everyday life. Nevertheless, the online experience isn’t as safe and anonymous as you might think. Internet sex crime prosecutions are on the rise, and according to the Texas Penal Code, the available penalties for a sex… Read More

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