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Happy Mother’s Day

The Law Office of James Alston Is Wishing You a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

Happy Easter

James Alston is Wishing You a Wonderful Easter

How To Decide If You Have Hired The Best Criminal Lawyer For Your Issue

If you are facing criminal charges, your entire future is at stake. You do not want to put your case in the hands of someone who you don’t think is capable of providing you with adequate defense. So, if you’ve hired a criminal lawyer and you’re having doubts about your… Read More

Pulled Over For A DUI In Glendale, AZ

Today, the city of Glendale, in the shadow of downtown Phoenix, has a population of more than 200,000 people and is proud of its title as the “Arizona Antique Capital”. It is also proud of its reputation as a safe and healthy place to live. That includes a place where… Read More

What Is Needed To Prove Fault In A Slip And Fall Accident?

Serious injuries surge from slip and fall accidents every year. In fact, thousands of people are injured every year by a slip and fall. A slip and fall can occur under various circumstances like a wet floor, a loose handrail, and even a hazard obstructing the way. When a slip… Read More

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Objecting to Jury Instructions

The criminal justice system is set up in such a way that, in most cases, our guilt can only be decided by a jury of our peers. Unfortunately, this could create inherent flaws in the system since the common person doesn’t really have any legal knowledge to speak of. Because… Read More

Working With Animal Attack Attorneys In Phoenix, Arizona

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix injury lawyer Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane with respect to how to handle and deal with animal attacks. Animal attacks can lead to serious injuries that leave lasting physical and mental scars. Some victims are never able to fully recover from the… Read More

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