Category : White Collar Crimes

Money Laundering: Defenses to Avoid the Big House

A former trustee of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for his alleged role in a Texas money laundering scheme. The defendant was an attorney and philanthropist from El Paso who was arrested in late 2012 by federal law enforcement agents after… Read More

Stealing Trade Secrets Could Cost You $500,000

Ten years ago, the managing director of a prominent executive search firm based in California resigned from his job for the purpose of starting a new business in the same industry. When his former employer suspected him of having convinced former co-workers to get computer files that allegedly contained customer… Read More

Three Types of Industrial Espionage

The nature of capitalism creates intense competition between companies competing for a bigger share of the market. This kind of competition leads some businesses to do whatever it takes to get ahead. In extreme cases, some companies may engage in industrial espionage to get an edge on the competition. Industrial… Read More

5 Types of Illegal Behavior by Stock Brokers

Many people dream of getting rich on the stock market. Stock brokers take advantage of this desire to increase their own profits or benefit their company. Illegal behavior by stock brokers is a real problem with the potential for severe financial consequences. The relationship between a stock broker and an… Read More

4 Types of Investment Fraud

Thousands of Americans are affected by financial crimes each year. Investment fraud is one of the most common financial crimes and can take many forms. Because the nature of investing is very complex, it is possible for someone to be accused of investment fraud even if they did nothing wrong.… Read More

Lying on Tax Returns: What Are the Consequences?

Taxes are a reality for everyone that earns an income by working. The federal government relies on the revenue generated by taxes and the Internal Revenue Service takes steps to make sure that everyone pays what they owe. If someone attempts to avoid paying taxes by lying on their annual… Read More

$1.5 Million Penalty For Violating HIPAA

The news networks are overflowing with stories about the implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The historic health care legislation is still being implemented throughout the United States, and there are significant penalties for failing to comply with the law. It’s important that you understand your… Read More

6 Types of Bribery Charges You May Be Facing

Bribery and other forms of financial kickbacks often come to mind when the discussion concerns corrupt public officials, but bribery charges are commonplace in the world of business as well. If you are a public servant, banker or the owner or agent of a commercial business, it is highly recommended… Read More

Avoid Doing Time With These Extortion Defenses

Although extortion is a form of theft, a prosecuting attorney must prove intent on the part of an alleged extortion defendant to obtain a conviction. Moreover, state and federal extortion statutes require the existence of a threat against the person or property of a victim. There are a number of… Read More

Biggest Ponzi Schemes of All Time

As of late 2013, the epic scam pulled off by Bernard Madoff was still unraveling even as the disgraced Wall Street financier, fund manager and master con man was growing older at the Butner federal prison in North Carolina. At a federal courtroom in Manhattan, two of Madoff’s alleged conspirators… Read More

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