Category : White Collar Crimes

File-Quit: Computer Crimes You Might Be Committing

The popular image of a computer criminal is usually something like this: a lone hacker using illegal techniques to break into private accounts for money or information. While some criminals like this really do exist, they are not the only perpetrators of computer crimes. The scope of computer laws can… Read More

They’re Watching You! How Insurance Companies Detect Fraud

Insurance fraud costs insurance companies billions of dollars every year. These costs are then passed on to honest customers who pay their premiums and obey the law. In an effort to fight the effects of insurance fraud, insurance companies invest millions of dollars in training, technology and personnel to detect… Read More

4 FDIC Fraud Schemes You Need To Know About

Although there seems to be no shortage of scams and fraudulent schemes perpetrated by today’s criminals, there are a handful of deceptive acts that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is concerned about the most. In addition to making sure that the funds of American account holders are safe and… Read More

How Money Laundering Works: The Methods Criminals Use to “Clean” Money

Money laundering is an essential aspect of getting away with a major crime. Criminals who embezzle their employers’ money or engage in drug crimes are always looking for a creative way to convert their ill-gotten gains into legitimate cash. Once the money has been cleaned up a bit, it can… Read More

The 7 Most Common Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft is a 21st century white collar crime that is growing by leaps and bounds. In this post, we will review the most common types of identity theft. It’s important to realize that identity thieves come in all shapes and sizes. Who would ever suspect the nurse at the… Read More

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