Cesarean Malpractice

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Nowadays, the modern medical knowledge related to birthing process is growing, so too the list of complications are increasing. Cesarean delivery also known as C-Section is common but significant for the general safety and health of the mother and child. A C-Section is a delivery made through a twice incision, firsts in abdomen and second in uterine walls. They are supposed to be a major surgical procedure and mostly utilized in cases where there is a high risk for child and mother in normal delivery.

Probable Risks

The alternative to normal vaginal delivery, doctors carry out C-section for the different possible reasons. A C-section is major surgery and having several serious potential risks to both the mother and a child so it is necessary for the medical professional to check the probability of their occurrence before taking a decision that whether C-section is medically required and advisable. Like any major surgeries, C-section is not without risk. There are numerous risks associated with it which include increased bleeding, breathing problem, blood clots, uterine rupture, surgical injury, and infection.

If you and your new born baby after a C-section experienced any of these risks, you may adequate for compensation.

Cesarean Malpractice

Cesarean malpractice is defined as an act by a doctor and hospital which deviates the direction down from the established standard of care in the medical community and as a consequence, the patient gets injured. It happens due to the negligence of hospitals and doctors when they are not able to take proper care. Though in Fort Lauderdale there are several cases due to negligent medical care results in a surgical error during C-section, this causes the medical emergencies and injuries.

There are two main reasons of cesarean malpractice, first is not capable to perform C-section and performing it improperly. In most of the cases C-section is an indicated process, so in identifying such cases is an important part of the medical standard of care and need of OB/GYN.

Hire a Cesarean Malpractice Attorney

In the United States, almost 20% of the deliveries are made through cesarean sections. As the numbers are increasing, the more chances there is for surgical error which affects the patient. If you and your baby were harmed due to doctors and hospital negligence then you can claim a file against them. But first, you need to understand the law and medicine and also, how important a personal injury attorney can be to help you in winning a case. Before claiming a case you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about your claims and the other person’s negligence.

How Percy Martinez Law Firm can Help

Percy Martinez Law Firm provides you the best personal injury attorney. In medical malpractice lawsuits, we have won a lot of cases for clients who have experienced the consequence of cesarean malpractice. The Percy Martinez law firm has played an important role in reducing the accidents caused by the negligence in Fort Lauderdale and has won different cases of medical malpractice. It is considered to be one of the most difficult claims to knob because it requires many factors for example patient health prior to the injury etc.

When you have a negligence claim against the doctor and hospital, you should feel free to experience a trial lawyer at Percy Martinez Law Firm.

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