How Can An Attorney Help With Your DWI Case?

How Often Is An Attorney Able To Have DWI Charges And Fines Reduced Or Dropped?

That is the primary goal of an attorney when hired on a Driving While Intoxicated case to investigate and work the case and try to get a dismissal of the charges and/or possibly get the case reduced. Very often, in Harris County, the prosecutors will not reduce a misdemeanor DWI case down to any other type of offense. They will either end up wanting to set the case for trial or dismiss the case outright. Attorney James Alston has been successful in getting DWI cases dismissed and/or reduced.

Is It Advised To Hire An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Instead Of Trying To Represent You Or Going With A Public Defender In A DWI Case?

First of all, you never want to represent yourself. Even if you are a lawyer, you do not want to represent yourself. You want to hire an attorney that has experience doing DWI cases that has possibly been a prosecutor, prosecuting DWI cases, so they know both sides of the playing field.

Very often, public defenders are good lawyers but the court will likely not give you a public defender if you are on bond. They generally only give you a court appointed or a public defender if you are not on bond. If you are in jail in a DWI case, that likely means you probably do not have the funds to bond out and/or you have a criminal history and thus you are not going to qualify for some of those advantages of being a first-time offender.

Are People Generally Surprised When They Are Charged With A DWI And At The Long-Term Consequences Associated With The DWI?

Yes, people are often surprised. Most people think they are not intoxicated. Often, the misconception is that, “I wasn’t drunk and I was fine to drive.” If you have been drinking, it is a mistake to even get behind the wheel even if you have had just one drink. DWIs are very, very serious. It is one of the few offenses in the State of Texas that you cannot get deferred probation for. Someone could technically get deferred probation for robbery, assault, felony drug possession but you cannot get it for your first DWI.

Straight probation, which would likely not require you to do any jail time, is a conviction on your record. A conviction for DWI stays on your record forever and, therefore, if you are a young person and you get convicted of DWI at the age of twenty-one or twenty-two and if you get another DWI throughout your life, it will be considered your second. A third DWI is automatically a felony in the State of Texas and it carries from two years to ten years in prison. Therefore, a DWI is very serious.

There have been cases of people who had DWIs and were convicted of those DWIs. They had problems renting in an apartment because they had had a criminal history. If your job requires you to drive a motor vehicle or a delivery truck for your job, having a DWI can cause you to lose your job. That is because the insurance company that is insuring that vehicle you are driving for your employment, is going to go way up on the rates for that company to insure you if they even insure you at all. Often, you would lose your job if you are required to drive for work and you have a DWI conviction.

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