An Overview Of Fraud

Fraud is generally considered to be the use of trickery for financial gain often to another’s detriment. Allegations of fraud can ruin one’s reputation even before a conviction.  If you are under investigation of fraud it is important to contact a lawyer experienced in fraud cases.

Types of Fraud Charges in Texas

Texans who are accused of fraud crimes come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and income levels. Fraud can take on a variety of forms including the following:

Possible Penalties

Aside from the loss of employment and damage to one’s reputation there may also be criminal sanctions imposed by the State of Texas. The severity of these sanctions generally depends on the number of counts a person is charged with and the type of offense. Fines and penalties can often reach as high as $10,000. The amount of jail time can vary from 180 days if the crime is classified as a misdemeanor or up to 99 years if it is classified as a felony. An aggressive Houston fraud attorney can help you reduce the possibility of serving a long sentence in several ways:

  • Having some of the counts dismissed
  • Having the charges reduced
  • Dismissal of the case
  • Forcing the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law

Where to Turn if Facing Fraud Charges

Attorney James Alston began his law career at the Harris County District Attorney’s office where he learned to aggressively prosecute white-collar crimes ranging from mortgage fraud to embezzlement. Since Mr. Alston has experience in prosecuting fraud crimes he understands the tactics used by Houston prosecutors to secure a conviction on these charges. He is able to plan an effective strategy for your defense based upon how the other side is likely to proceed.

Contact the Law Office of James Alston

Defending fraud cases requires a great deal of discovery and interviewing witnesses. Spending this amount of time and energy is often too cumbersome for individuals to do on their own. If you have been charged with any type of fraud offense you simply cannot afford to handle the situation yourself. Call the Law Office of James Alston for a free appointment to discuss your case.

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