Financial Fraud

Financial fraud and corporate crime cases are complicated and subject to interpretation. The early intervention of a knowledgeable financial crimes attorney is the best way to avoid a costly criminal conviction. Unfortunately, a financial fraud investigation can easily damage or ruin the career of a financial services professional.

Allegations of Financial Fraud

When a financial professional becomes the subject of a criminal investigation, the stakes are high. Even though the evidence in a fraud case is subject to interpretation, financial regulators and law enforcement authorities possess significant resources to prosecute financial crimes. Among the most common types of financial accounting fraud crimes are the following:

Even the hint of impropriety can destroy a promising financial services career. A white-collar conviction for violating a federal regulatory requirement can result in a prison sentence and financial penalties. Federal broker and securities fraud allegations have grown rapidly in recent years. A financial crimes suspect may even be subjected to parallel criminal investigations by two or more federal regulatory agencies.

Individual and Corporate Fraud Allegations

A criminal investigation in Houston, Texas concerning the financial integrity of an individual or organization may involve one of the following activities:

  • Mortgage backed securities
  • Insider trading
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations
  • Federal financial regulations
  • Fiduciary breaches

Criminal Fraud Convictions

The Texas penalties for a financial crime conviction can be surprisingly severe. It is rare for a federal defendant to receive a sentence of probation. Moreover, federal prisoners are generally required to serve 85 percent of their prison term before being eligible for release. Federal law has virtually eliminated the possibility of parole.

An effective defense strategy is a vital necessity in when responding to a federal financial crimes investigation or charge. A thorough investigation of the evidence will be required at the earliest stage of a fraud allegation case. Federal law enforcement authorities often accrue a good deal of evidence before a suspect is even aware that they are under investigation for a financial crime. An aggressive investigation by an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer is the most effective means of negotiating a reduction or dismissal of criminal charges.

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