Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud cases are extremely complex which is why it is so important anyone charged with these crimes only works with an experienced Houston mortgage fraud attorney. Mortgage fraud can be committed in all number of ways and by all types of participants in the real estate process. The victim can be the home buyer, the identity theft victim or the bank who issued the loan. No matter who commits the crime or how they actually did it, mortgage fraud is always performed for either profit or property –and the consequences are serious for those convicted.

Mortgage Fraud Defense

Recently, federal investigators have been cracking down on those involved in mortgage fraud, as they are believed to be largely responsible for the economic crisis of the last few years. At The Law Office of James Alston, our mortgage fraud defense in Houston represents brokers, agents, buyers, sellers and any other persons who have been accused of deceptive mortgage practices, including:

  • Accepting kick backs
  • Flipping properties
  • Skimming equity
  • Using a stolen identity to obtain a home or mortgage
  • Using inflated appraisals to acquire overvalued mortgages
  • And more…

Contact a Houston Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, it is crucial your Houston criminal lawyer completely understands the details and complexities involved with these types of cases. Your criminal attorney should review your mortgage and financial documents to determine if the misrepresentations were believed to be, or were actually, true statements of fact. It is common for government investigators to draw the wrong conclusion while looking over records and to press charges when there was no intent to commit fraud.

In many cases, the fraud will involve a federally insured bank, making the crime a federal crime. For this reason, it is crucial your criminal attorney is familiar with both the state and federal courts, as they both operate in rather different manners.

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