Wire Fraud

In Houston, wire fraud consists of making fraudulent promises or misrepresentations using an electronic communication. Electronic communication includes anything transmitted by the following means:

  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • Television
  • E-mail
  • Internet

To qualify as wire fraud, the false promises or misrepresentations must be made with the intent to obtain money or property from another person. A conviction for wire fraud may result in serious consequences such as imprisonment or large fines. Because wire fraud is aggressively prosecuted, retaining an experienced wire fraud defense attorney such as James Alston is vital to a good defense.

Federal Wire Fraud Defense

If wire fraud affects a federal institution such as a bank, the wire fraud may come to the attention of United States Attorney General. Federal charges may carry a higher penalty than state wire fraud charges. If a person has been charged with a federal wire fraud crime, he should retain an attorney that has been licensed to practice in federal court. At the Law Office of James Alston,clients will find an attorney who is experienced in defending a variety of federal cases.

Houston Wire Fraud Charges Lawyer

In Texas, wire fraud is considered a serious crime and has severe punishments.  If convicted of wire fraud in Houston you could be facing a number of steep fines and prison sentences, including:

  • Up to a $1,000,000 fine if the defendant defrauded a financial institution
  • A federal crime conviction
  • Up to 20 years of imprisonment

The Law Office of James Alston is committed to providing clients with a thorough and complete defense against wire fraud. During his time at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, James Alston was assigned to the Major Fraud Division. There, he became knowledgeable of various types of fraud cases to include wire fraud. James Alston also spent time as an Assistant United States Attorney where he learned to navigate the federal system. Because he was initially trained to prosecute cases, James Alston knows exactly what is needed to defend wire fraud charges. His unique viewpoint helps to tailor a defense specifically to the charge and to guide clients through all stages of the proceedings.

When to Contact the Law Office of James Alston

Many people wait until they have been charged with a crime before contacting an attorney. However, the Law Office of James Alston can provide assistance even before charges have been brought. By contacting wire fraud lawyer James Alston early, Mr. Alston can become involved in the criminal process from the beginning which may result in reduced or no charges being filed. Regardless of the stage of the wire fraud proceedings, it is important to contact Houston area attorney James Alston.

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