Federal Appeals

Federal criminal offenses are some of the most serious offenses prosecuted by United States law. Most federal crimes, such as large-scale financial crimes or major drug distributions, have the potential to carry severe sentences if a conviction is reached.

Because the punishments for federal crimes can be so severe, many people who have been convicted of such crimes may wish to pursue a federal appeal. The appeals process serves the purpose of attempting to obtain a reconsideration of a criminal case in the hopes of a lesser sentence or the dismissal of charges.

The federal court system is very complex, and it is possible for the prosecution in these cases to make some errors in their arguments or evidence. If a person believes that such an error has been made, he or she may wish to argue their case in front of the court of appeals.

Reasons for Filing a Federal Appeal

The federal court system allows for the possibility of an appeal in most cases. There are several different reasons that a person may want to undergo the federal appeals process. In general, these appeals are filed when a defendant in a federal case believes that some erroneous information in their case caused them to be convicted wrongfully. Some common reasons for seeking a federal appeal are:

  • Evidence: Someone may choose to file an appeal based on their belief that the evidence submitted against them by the prosecution during the trial did not sufficiently support the conviction. An evidence-based appeal can also be filed if the defendant believes that certain evidence was not submitted properly or that some evidence was unfairly excluded.
  • Judge rulings: If the judge in a federal case issues certain rulings during the pretrial phase or trial phase of proceedings, it may be possible for the defendant to file a federal appeal concerning those rulings. For example, if the defendant feels that the judge’s rulings were issued without sufficient evidence or were based on perceived prejudice, the defendant may file for a federal appeal.
  • Jurors: Federal appeals can also be filed if the defendant suspects that the jury selection in his or her trial was executed improperly. If they believe that certain jurors were excluded for prejudicial reasons or if they suspect that the prosecution somehow tampered with the jury selection process, they may pursue a federal appeal.

A federal appeals attorney can help a defendant collect and examine evidence supporting their appeal. A good deal of solid, convincing evidence must be submitted for a federal appeal to be considered and proper procedure must be closely followed if an appeal is to succeed.

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