How To Decide If You Have Hired The Best Criminal Lawyer For Your Issue

If you are facing criminal charges, your entire future is at stake. You do not want to put your case in the hands of someone who you don’t think is capable of providing you with adequate defense. So, if you’ve hired a criminal lawyer and you’re having doubts about your decision, what can you do?

Follow these steps to make sure that you’ve hired the best criminal lawyer available to handle your criminal matter.

Talk to Your Attorney About Your Doubts

The first and most important thing to do is discuss your thoughts and any doubts you have with your criminal defense attorney. Explain to your lawyer that you are not confident that everything possible is being done to help you obtain a positive result in your case. Top criminal defense attorneys will listen to you and respect your concerns.

After you talk to your lawyer, both you and your attorney should have a better understanding of your goals and your needs for the case. This will help your attorney make decisions going forward and help you understand what is best for your defense. If your conversations do not produce the results you are looking for, ask to speak to a supervising attorney at the law firm.

Keep a Record of Your Interactions with Your Attorney

If you feel your needs are not being met or your goals are being ignored, the best thing you can do is show your criminal lawyer specific examples that explain why you feel this way. Keep a record of your conversations with your attorney and ask for any formal requests or monetary discussions to be communicated through writing.

Remember, it may be illegal in your state to record conversations with someone without their consent. However, you can take dubious notes so that you know how each of your conversations with your lawyer went. The best criminal defense lawyers will also be taking their own records. If you think you hired the wrong attorney for your legal issue, you may want to compare notes to find out if you are on the same page with your lawyer.

Check Public Records

In some cases involving criminal matters, there may be public records involved. For instance, your attorney may need to file a motion with the court under certain circumstances. If you believe your attorney is lying to you about the work he or she has done on your case, you may be able to investigate by checking public records. Some motions and other court records are available to the public, so you can request the documents to make sure they have been filed.

Another thing you can do is check with the State Bar to find out if your attorney has ever been subjected to any form of punishment while practicing law. If your lawyer has faced disciplinary action in the past, you know that lawyer has a history of being unprofessional and unethical, and you may want to search elsewhere to find a criminal lawyer to defend you.

What to Do if You Want to Find the Best Criminal Lawyers

If you want to find the best criminal lawyers, you need to do some research by reading client testimonials and looking at ratings of attorneys you may potentially hire. However, if you did not do this and you think you hired a bad lawyer, it is not too late for you.

You can always fire your lawyer and hire a new one. Before you do this, make sure you have found the top criminal attorneys to handle your case, and made them aware of your legal situation. The best criminal defense attorneys will help you through the process of switching your attorney in a legal and formal way.

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