What Is Independent Medical Examination And How Does It Affect Your Worker Compensation Claim?

If you have claimed for worker compensation, you need to provide a lot of documentation. Among others, you need to provide a lot of medical documentation. However, sometimes the insurance company or your employer may try to discredit your medical records and request that you take an independent medical examination.

So, what is this independent medical examination, what does it entail and how will it affect your worker compensation claim? Well, if the employer or the insurance company are trying to disprove your claim, chances are that they want to deny your rights. You should consult a worker compensation attorney at MLk. You should by no means decline to undergo this medical examination because this refusal can be taken against you.

Why Is Independent Medical Examination Requested

When an employer or an insurance company have reasons to believe that your claim for worker compensation is fake or overstated, they have the right to demand this kind of confirmation.

Essentially, it means that another doctor will look over your case and determine whether the initial doctor’s report was correct and if it should be revised.

What Does It Do

There are several things that this examination is supposed to determine. The first and foremost is whether you actually had or still have the illness or injury which you claimed worker compensation lawyer for. In most cases, this is not the main reason why this examination is called for.

This examination also serves to determine whether the workplace conditions led to the aforementioned medical condition. Finally, if both of these claims are corroborated, the final task of this medical examination is to determine how much of an impairment do you actually have.

Depending on the opinion of this doctor, or a team of doctors, you may be granted worker compensation, given temporary or permanent disability benefits or given a new workplace.

How to Prepare for IME

Well, there are a few things that the doctor will need to know, so it would be best if you could provide the information outright, preferably backed up by some paperwork. The first thing they will want to know is all of your medical history, including the incident you claimed worker compensation for. It is important to know that the doctor will be able to assess these injuries from your records, so don’t try to hide them or downplay them if you don’t want to seem suspicious.

Next, they will need the details of the injury. Even though California is a no-fault state, meaning that you will be given worker compensation even if your own actions led to the accident, they still need to confirm that the accident is work-related. It is best to know the exact treatment you have been given because the doctor will want to know what you are doing to heal yourself.

Explain your current state to the doctor. They will be able to extrapolate from your initial state and symptoms whether you are recovering properly. Furthermore, your account of your state will help them determine how ready you are to return to work. Don’t forget to include intermittent symptoms as well, since they may be an indication of an underlying condition.

After The Exam

Once the exam is complete, you should take notes of everything the doctor has asked you, as well as the test they performed on you. Finally, the only thing left to do is wait for their official report. If it ends up negatively for you and tries to deny your rights, you should consult your attorney and try to appeal to that decision.

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