Left Turn Collisions: Recurrent Deadly Accidents For Bikers

A Florida Institute of Technology student lost their life because of a motorcycle accident. A driver of a passenger car was traveling northbound and attempted to make a left turn while the student was traveling south on his motorcycle. The driver of the car then crashed into him while the driver attempted to make a  left turn. Unfortunately, the student was killed but the driver of the car did not sustain any injuries.

Motorcycle accidents involving left-turn collisions are very common. There are many reasons why these happen often. Drivers need to be less distracted and pay more attention to the road.

Left Turn Dangers

A left turn accident with a motorcycle is when another vehicle is trying to make a left turn while the motorcycle is driving straight ahead. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that in 2011 there were 1,998 deadly crashes of which 38% happened while a left turn was being performed by a car and the motorcycle was driving straight. That is almost 760 fatalities by left turn accidents that occurred in 2011.

Today, that number has increased since the year 2008. The increasing use of motorcycles is a factor in the elevated number of motorcycle accidents that have led to fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

Who Is Liable?

For the most part, the party that will be held responsible for a left turn collision is the driver making the left turn. The reasoning behind that is that the driver who is trying to make the left turn should be obeying the traffic laws and be vigilant of any upcoming traffic. Motorcycles tend to be often overlooked by other drivers. Other causes are distractions and negligent behaviors.

Although the driver making the left turn is usually at fault, the driver of the motorcycle driving straight forth could be liable if they acted recklessly such as running a red light, as the driver made the left turn. If the driver that was making the left turn was careful and vigilant, then they are less likely to be at fault for the accident when the motorcycle driver acted negligently.

Assistance For Motorcycle Riders In Miami, Florida

The outcomes of this type of accident can be catastrophic and even deadly. Severe injuries such as paralysis, brain trauma, impairments, among others, can surface from a motorcycle accident because there is not enough protection for the biker. Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be a long process. Fully recovering can happen, but sometimes a person can remain with problems.

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys at Percy Martine Law Firm understand what the victim of an accident is going through. Sadly, they have seen many victims and families of the victim who sought their help because they were either severely injured or lost a loved one because of another driver’s negligence. The lawyers at that firm will discuss the case with the victim or their family and strive for full compensation of their damages. The road to recovery may be long, but being awarded what is owed to the victim does not have to be. They will help. (305) 529-0001.

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