Man charged after toddler injured in crib fall

Reese Bateman is facing felony charges for child abandonment – after leaving his girlfriend’s 2-yr-old daughter alone in a crib while he went out to buy cat food.

Bateman had been babysitting the little girl (01/25/2011) at her Houston home when the incident occurred.

According to police, he claimed that he needed to go get cat food, but the little girl was asleep in her crib.

Instead of waking the infant, he left her there and went to the store.

Bateman claimed the child was still sleeping when he arrived home, but a short time later he heard her crying from another room.

He found her on the floor in her bedroom without a diaper on.

When the girl’s mother got home, she said she put ice on the child’s bruises.

When the little girl’s father came to pick her up, he saw the bruises and took his daughter to Clear Lake Regional Hospital, where doctors said she had internal injuries.

The father called police.

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