Prenatal Medical Malpractice

When a woman becomes pregnant, she needs to take care of herself more than she did prior to pregnancy. A woman will usually seek the help of an OB/GYN that specializes in prenatal care. High-quality prenatal care is vital to ensure that the unborn child is born without any complications or medical conditions and that the mother has a healthy pregnancy.

OB/GYN are required to provide prenatal care which prevents and reduces the possibilities of the baby or mother suffering a severe injury or death. When the prenatal care that was given did  not meet the accepted standard of care, the obstetrician can be held accountable for the outcomes of their negligence.  In order to avoid these tragedies, an obstetrician has to identify when an infant is at high risk or when the mother is at high risk.

A life that is just beginning should not have to endure an injury because of a lack of prenatal care. The obstetrician needs to make sure that he or she diligently monitors the progress of a pregnant woman. The obgyn malpractice lawyers take prenatal care very seriously. Every pregnant should be entitled to receive top-notch prenatal care.

The Meaning of Effective Prenatal Care

Prenatal care must adhere to the following elements in order for it to be successful:

  • An obstetrician must record and detail the mother’s medical history
  • All physical and laboratory tests must be performed
  • The obstetrician has to make a risk assessment for the mother and baby
  • If a complication arises with either the baby or mother, the obstetrician has to manage it adequately.

Effective prenatal care reduces a mother’s and child’s chance of becoming a victim of a medical malpractice. When complications do arise, the physician must perform the correct steps to manage the condition under the allowed standard of care. Some complications that can happen during pregnancy are:

  • Birth defects
  • Preeclampsia
  • Gestational Diabetes(GD)
  • Mother has an infection like AIDS
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Fetal distress, and
  • More

Statistics Concerning Prenatal Care

Prenatal care must be provided to every pregnant woman. The best time to receive prenatal care is as soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant. Below will show some statistics of prenatal care that occurred in the year 2002.

  • In 2002, 3.6% of live births pertained to women who received prenatal care late or none at all (1 in 28 infants).
  • In 2002, 12.7% of live births pertained to women who received care during their second trimester
  • In 2002, 83/7% of live births pertained to women who received early prenatal care
  • 3% of women received inadequate prenatal care in 2002. That’s 1 in every 9 births.

Inadequate Prenatal Care Lawyers Serving Orlando

An injured mother or child at the hands of poor prenatal care need to seek justice against the obstetrician by making a medical malpractice claim. An obstetrician has a duty to take care of a pregnant woman and ensure that everything is proceeding as it should. The lawyers located in Percy Martinez’s Orlando Firm are fierce and effective at combating medical malpractice mistakes.

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