Prison: How to Survive Your Sentence

Horror stories surrounding prison abound, so it’s not unusual for people to be concerned whenever they receive a jail sentence. The truth is that, while violence inside prisons does happen, it’s much less common than people believe. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for survival, as life behind bars is much different than it is on the outside. Here are some things you can do to ensure the time you serve is as productive as possible.

Accept Responsibility for your Actions

The first step toward a successful prison sentence involves coming to terms with the reason for it. Accept responsibility for the act that placed you behind bars to begin with. If you’re wrongfully incarcerated, you’ll have to choose to forgive the people responsible for putting you there in the first place.

Once you accept responsibility for your crime, make up your mind to be a model prisoner. Obey the rules and encourage others to do the same. Show respect to guards and other inmates alike, and you’ll be less likely to experience conflict.

Choose Friends Wisely

Everyone has a need to fit in, but that doesn’t mean you should make friends with everyone who comes your way. Instead, observe people and see what their demeanor is before you get involved with them. Avoid joining a gang, as this will only lead to trouble later on. You may feel as though you’ve got protection, but you’ll actually focus unwanted attention on you that will only hinder future opportunities to earn privileges.

Stay Strong

Medical care in prison is extremely limited, which means you need to take measures to protect your own health. Avoid eating too much junk food from the commissary and becoming overweight. Exercise on a daily basis to ensure your body stays as strong as possible. In doing so, you’ll also make it less likely that someone will decide to pick a fight with you as well.

You should also make an effort to stay strong mentally. Some other things you can do to stay strong mentally are:

  • Attend worship services on a regular basis
  • Read educational books and materials
  • Enroll in high school or college courses
  • Learn a trade

Staying strong and productive while in prison is a challenge you must be prepared to face every day in order to make serving your sentence easier. A positive attitude and good behavior will not only make life behind bars easier, but it could also allow you to be released earlier.

Avoid Prison Altogether If Possible

If you have been arrested but not convicted, then it’s not too late to avoid a prison sentence altogether. The best way to accomplish this is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer had a good understanding of how the U.S. justice system works and will fight hard to reduce your sentence or even get you off the hook.

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