Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession, you likely have a lot of questions. There are a lot of finite details when it comes to these charges and Houston drug possession attorney James Alston can help answer any questions you have.

Drug Possession Penalties

Depending on the drug and the quantity, you could be facing any of the following charges in the state of Texas:

  • $500 – $10,000 fine
  • Prison Sentence
  • Difficulty seeking employment/housing
  • Difficulty admitting into college
  • Difficulty receiving college funding
  • 6 month driver’s license suspension

The only way to beat the consequences for drug possession is to fight the charges from the start with the help of a skilled Houston drug charge lawyer.

Defense Strategy for Drug Possession

When you work with a Houston criminal attorney from the Law Office of James Alston, we will immediately go to work searching for inconsistencies and holes in the prosecution’s evidence. If any evidence against you was obtained illegally, we will fight its admission into the courtroom. If you have been singled out by an informant, we will question his motives and show he was only testifying to keep himself out of jail. Your crime defense in Texas will review police statements, witness testimony, police car video, interrogation tapes and any other evidence against you to exploit any mistakes made during the investigation and interrogation processes.

Even if there is no way to deny your guilt, your Houston criminal lawyer will still do everything in his power to help you. We will seek out a winning plea bargain that focuses on reform, rather than punishment.

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