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In recent years in Texas, pain management clinics, sometimes referred to as “pill mills,” have become a target of law enforcement and prosecutors. A recent spike in prescription overdose related deaths and emergency room visits have sparked a nationwide concern over pain clinics. Particularly, the State of Texas has recently enacted new guidelines which govern these practices, including:

  • Each for-profit pain clinic shall be owned by a physician/medical director. This individual is required to operate on-site a minimum of 1/3 of the time that the clinic is open
  • Clinic doctors and employees must submit to criminal background checks and shall not have any restrictions to their DEA license or any prior disciplinary action
  • The TMB (Texas Medical Board), in cooperation with law enforcement, has the authority to investigate patient complaints, complaints from patient family members, pharmacists or other concerned individuals
  • The Board is also empowered to inspect pain clinics in order to identify violations

A violation of these guidelines or other controlled substance related crimes can result in a permanent criminal record and will be accompanied by incarceration, probation, fines and a damaged reputation. Criminal charges can also adversely affect your professional licensing and reputation.  If you are under investigation for one of the above, call James Alston today.

Experienced “Pill Mill” Defense

Texas prosecutors are under a tremendous amount of pressure to gain convictions against anyone accused of improperly dispensing controlled medication, no matter how much relief that you have brought to countless patients. Houston defense attorney James Alston has served on the prosecution side of the courtroom and understands how the state prepares their cases and the effective defenses that are available.

James Alston has been successfully defending physicians charged with health care fraud for years. Mr. Alston has vigorously represented all kinds of medical professionals who have been accused of unlawfully prescribing or otherwise dispensing controlled substances. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your rights while treating your with the dignity and respect that you deserve as a highly trained professional.

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If you are facing charges related to a pain management clinic or if you are currently under investigation, contact a seasoned Houston pain clinic attorney as soon as possible. Don’t be fooled into speaking with law enforcement without counsel. Attorney Alston is available to assist you and can develop a defense that is designed around your individual case. Contact our office today to begin your defense or to find out more about the Texas laws governing pain management clinics.

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