Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious allegation that tears apart families and destroys homes. According to Texas law, this crime can take on many different forms. A few charges that might be related to child abuse include:

Penalties of Child Abuse

Obviously, some of these charges carry more severe penalties than others do. Those who are convicted of a crime involving child abuse can face a variety of sanctions, a few of which are:

  • Prison
  • Community Service
  • Loss of public assistance (including housing)
  • Mandatory parenting classes
  • Fines and restitution

How These Charges Arise

School officials are required to report any suspected cases of child abuse to law enforcement. This could result after a child tells a school counselor about an incident or an injury could also trigger these allegations. If your child is taken to the emergency room, a physician may question bruises or other markings and report them to a child welfare agency. Your neighbors may have alerted law enforcement to possible abuse if there has recently been a domestic disturbance in your home. Even though there may not be any basis for abuse allegations, child protection agencies often err on the side of caution and conduct an investigation into these matters anyway.

An Aggressive Attorney

If you have been charged with child abuse, you may already be suffering mentally and emotionally. You may have been bullied by numerous government agencies as part of the investigation into an alleged incident. Since children are often removed from the home during this time, a sense of loss is normally felt as well. Now more than ever it is vital for you to have a compassionate and caring attorney who will diligently fight to see that your rights are preserved.

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