A Houston arrest for prostitution or solicitation typically develops through undercover sting operations. Vice officers pretend to be potential clients or prostitutes/johns and try to trap suspects into criminal sexual actions. If you were arrested for solicitation or prostitution you will require a skilled Houston prostitution defense lawyer from the Law Office of James Alston to defend your case in court.

Defending Houston Prostitution Charges

Houston defense attorney James Alston understands how Texas’ sex crime laws work and will aggressively defend you in court. We have helped a number of clients charged with alleged acts of prostitution, as well as alleged solicitation of prostitution. In either situation, the state must prove specific elements in a case for a conviction. On many occasions, the undercover officers fail to gather necessary evidence to support these elements leading to a dismissal or acquittal of charges. Our sex crime defense lawyers will investigate your case, look for evidence and strategically create a strong defense.

Prostitution Consequences in Houston

The consequences for a criminal sexual crime in Houston will depend on your criminal record, the severity of the crime, and the experience of your lawyer. Only a skilled and talented Houston criminal lawyer from the Law Office of James Alston can help you obtain a favorable conclusion. In some cases, we are able to conclude a case before ever going to trail. In others, we negotiate a plea bargain to minimize charges and avoid jail time.

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