Types Of Construction Injuries Sustained On The Job

Even in this economy, millions of Americans are still enjoying the fruits of honest labor. Unfortunately, all these honest laborers are liable to work accidents due to the negligent treatment of business owners, contractors, employers or fellow employees. Such accidents can take a big toll on Americans, especially when it comes to workers in the construction industry.

In construction, a lot of debilitating injuries can involve amputation of a finger, hand, arm, toe, foot or leg. According to recent studies, 10,000 American workers have an amputation injury on an annual basis. In any given year, these workers represent approximately 6.5% of all U.S. amputations. Fresno, CA is no different. In a majority of cases, these workers need the help of a Fresno work injury lawyer in order to determine whether their compensation benefits are adequate.

Of course, amputations are merely one form of injuries that can strike at work. Some of the other work injuries include TBI (traumatic brain injury) or spinal cord injuries that can sometimes result in paralysis. These injuries usually happen due to equipment malfunction or similar safety failures. Prolonged exposure to benzene can also have negative long-term health effects.

In serious cases such as these, the victim’s goal is to secure adequate financial compensation for the suffering they’ve endured, the loss of future wages, and any and all medical expenses incurred on their behalf. In order to gain such compensation, victims living in Fresno usually contact an experienced workers compensation attorney. A good work injury lawyer in Fresno will seek to understand a family’s struggles and work hard in order to come up with a satisfying outcome.

Some common causes of workplace accidents are injuries caused by defective products and toxic substances. it’s up to the manufacturer to warn the employees of the danger involved. When it comes to Fresno work injury lawyers, they usually tell their customers to start by filing a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). This is particularly important if the worker in question is still required to use the compromised equipment.

As for injuries caused by toxic substances such as benzene, asbestos and silica, they can be either acute or latent. Acute injuries such as chemical burns are immediately apparent, whereas the latent injuries include cancers and lung diseases that may take years to appear. Due to the time delay, the latent injuries tend to be harder to prove than acute ones. In these situations, the assistance of a Fresno workers compensation lawyer is of utmost importance.

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