Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Almost everyone agrees that defendants should be afforded the most rigorous defense possible. The United States legal system is dependent upon both sides being armed with as many facts as possible, and all parties in a legal dispute deserve to have the best representation possible. Unfortunately, the United States legal system often fails to provide defendants with the resources they need to defend themselves as rigorously as possible. The remedy to this shortcoming is criminal defense lawyers. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring a defense lawyer if you find yourself charged with a crime.

Why not go with a public defender?

Public defenders do admirable work, and they strive to do their best for their clients. Unfortunately, public defenders are chronically overworked, and they simply lack the time needed to mount top-notch defenses. As a result, those who are forced to rely upon public defenders receive only a modicum of the investigation and preparation they need. Sadly, innocent people have been convicted because of overworked public defenders, and there is little public outcry against this shortcoming.

Why are private attorneys better?

Hired lawyers earn the reputation based on how well they help their clients. As a result, they will exhaust all resources possible to ensure that their clients are properly defended against charges. Private lawyers take the time needed to interview witnesses, talk with police officers and review whether the investigation was conducted in a lawful manner. Each of these inquiries can uncover facts that can exonerate a client, and public lawyers give their clients the best chance for avoiding convictions.

Should I take a plea?

The decision to take a plea deal always lies in the hands of the defendant, but those facing charges are encouraged to discuss their options with a criminal defense attorney before accepting a plea. Unfortunately, public defenders often know that they will be unable to adequately defend many of their clients, they often encourage their clients to take plea deals as a way to avoid excessive sentences. Before taking a plea deal, discuss your options with a private lawyer and determine if there is a viable way to defeat a conviction. Prosecutors and public defenders often conspire to encourage defendants to take a plea deal; always ask for a second opinion.

Being charged with a crime can be incredibly stressful, and many people struggle to keep their sanity during the months and sometimes years during which the threat of conviction looms over them. By hiring a criminal defense attorney, those who have been charged can take comfort in the fact that they have an ally who will do his or her best to defeat the charges.

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