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This article shares some great advice from Phoenix injury lawyer Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane with respect to how to handle and deal with animal attacks. Animal attacks can lead to serious injuries that leave lasting physical and mental scars. Some victims are never able to fully recover from the injuries and trauma they sustained during an animal attack. Physical trauma can make it impossible to return to the job you once held, and emotional trauma can make life equally difficult. Many people underestimate the serious impact a dog bite or other type of animal attack can have on their lives and do not make an attempt to seek compensation until it is too late. Working with an attorney can help you understand what types of compensation you are eligible for, but it is important to understand how animal attack cases work in general.

Personal Injury Compensation

Most victims of an animal attack are unaware that they may be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries or trauma they sustained. Animal attacks often result in hospitalization, which can cost thousands of dollars if you are uninsured. Even if you are insured, you may face adjustments in your premiums for an accident you had no ability to control. Animal attacks can have devastating consequences for the victims, and negligent parties responsible for the animal in question should be held responsible for the damages they indirectly caused.

Forms of Compensation

Medical expenses are the most obvious type of compensation for animal injuries. From a dog bite to an attack involving multiple animals, you may find yourself admitted to the hospital for a variety of expensive tests and treatments. Common examples include rabies and tetanus vaccinations, stitches for bite wounds or deep cuts and even surgery if your injuries were extensive. Each one of these treatment options can cost thousands of dollars, not including the cost of an emergency room visit.

Aside from medical treatment, many people undergo extensive psychological counseling and therapy to treat the trauma associated with an animal attack. It is not uncommon for an injured victim to require years of therapy to cope with a traumatic animal attack. These treatments can be just as expensive as the medical treatment for your physical wounds, but you may not have to pay for them on your own.

Lost wages are another expense that many injured victims do not think about. If you are injured or unable to return to work immediately after an animal attack due to psychological trauma, you may face financial difficulties as well. A personal injury attorney may be able to help you demonstrate how the financial hardship you sustained was directly related to the animal attack. In some cases, you may be eligible to receive all or a portion of the wages you lost due to the attack.

Punitive damages are a unique form of compensation in the sense that they are based on the idea that the negligent individual should be punished through a financial penalty rather than an objective estimate of your damages. Animal attacks that are more likely to result in punitive damages generally involve dog bites, scars, disfigurement and wrongful death.

Phoenix Animal Attack Cases

In the state of Arizona, animal owners are held to certain standards to ensure that their animals are unable to cause harm to other people and animals. Animals that were not properly restrained by their owners when they attacked someone else may lead to a finding of negligence on the part of the owner. An animal attack attorney may be able to help hold negligent owners accountable for the damages caused by their animals.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an animal attack, a Phoenix animal attack attorney may be able to help you put together a strong case for why you deserve compensation. Gathering medical records and filing for compensation in a timely manner are important aspects of being successful in your case. A reputable attorney who is familiar with the local law can also represent you when dealing with the animal owner’s insurance company and attorney. Dog bites and other animal attacks often involve owners who were not responsibly managing their animal, and you should never have to pay financially for the consequences of their negligent actions. Contact Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701 today for a free consultation.

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